A Non-Profit organization dedicated to equine legislation, good
horsemanship, and the acquisition and preservation of trails.  Corral 22
is located in the San Fernando area of Southern California (North Los
Angeles County) but has members throughout the United States
Corral 22  is known for their punctuality and horsemanship.  We
are the only Corral that rides trails exclusively and we generally
ride for four to five hours, including lunch.

Our rides will normally start at 9am unless otherwise stated.  It
is advisable to arrive at the meeting point at least one hour
before the start time.  This will give you time to complete
release forms (click on the highlights), groom and tack up your

Our rides have both Trail Boss and Drag Rider.  This ensures
that the ride is kept together with no stray riders etc and allows
rides to be completed in the alloted time. The Trail Boss has
worked very hard to put on a ride for you so always make sure
you respect his wishes and those of the Drag Rider.  They are
there to help make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

It is always advisable to contact the Trail Boss prior to the ride
in order to confirm that no changes have been made..